When Obama left the White House, he though people will forget all the harm he’s done to this country, and the humiliations would be over. Well, Obama, we’ve got some news for you – We will NEVER forget your disgusting, destructive ruling, and we will make sure that we show you every day how much more we love President Trump!

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He seems to be realizing just know that he should have paid more attention to our brave men and women in uniform. Then, maybe he, too, would have won their respect and true loyalty.

President Trump has been less than a month in office, and he is already enjoying the status of one of the most beloved commanders-in-chief in US history.

One US military man wrote on Twitter:

“A truck of Navy SEALS flying Trump flag is not ‘news.’ Nearly all operators–Seals, Green Berets, Force Recon–are Republican & LOVE Trump.”

Check out the amazing video:


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