The video is from Seaworld in San Diego. It captures 10 minutes of Orca trainer Peters being in mercy of a Killer Whale named Kasatka who trases him and drags him underwater.

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Ken Peters is a good swimmer and also a good diver. The Killer Whale grabbed a hold of his foot and dunk him under the water for extended periods of time. He had a pain of having his foot ground by sharp Orca teeth to deal with, while at the same time deprived of a possibility to breathe.

Michael Kirby, author of a book Death at SeaWorld speculates that Kasatka heard cries of her 2 year old calf from a nearby pool which is what aggravated her and made her attack the trainer.

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According to marine mammal scientist Naomi Rose of the Humane Society, there are no known records of killer whales attacking humans out in the open ocean. The only recorded attacks on humans by Killer Whales are from captivity (Seaworlds).

Naomi Rose, who studied Killer Whales in the Pacific Northwest also said that according to her figures, a mortality rate of Orcas is two and a half times higher in captivity than in the wild. Video and story taken from LiveLeak.

Watch the video below:

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