The key word here is illegals living in the US. Why should they have benefits when our veterans and homeless are dying in the streets without.

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The Trump administration is considering a plan to deport out would immigrants who are likely to require public assistance, and also sending back home immigrants who depend on welfare, according to a executive order that should be signed later this week.

A second order that is being considered calls for a loophole in the system through which the US gives visas to immigrants, with the aim of controlling and knowing who enters the country and who can become a full-time worker in the US.
Democrats and Liberals used immigrants to critic and hurt President Donald Trump. However, nothing goes the way they planned. The last executive order signed by Trump uncovered many things, and we bet that Liberals and Democrats won’t like any of that.

The newest executive order is bound to take away welfare from immigrants who depend on welfare, so any immigrant that lives-off off welfare will be deported back home.

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Former President  Obama allowed illegals in America to get on welfare, but now President Trump doesn’t approve this. You’d all agree that welfare is a privilege.

It’s bad that illegals got welfare until now. They were “stealing” money right out of working American families’ pockets.

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They are learning what it will be like living in the US which leader now is President Donald Trump.

President Trump signed an executive order according to which any illegal who lives on welfare will be sent home.

And there is more, America will no longer give visas and citizenship to people who will depend on welfare. These people will no longer be able to enter the country.

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