Trump: Obama and Clinton made ISIS and I have proof

ISIS – The Islamic State of Iraq and the Syria (Levant) the most dangerous terrorist group since Al-Qaeda threatened to attack the USA and President Trump.

To that maybe the best answers is in Donald Trump, how Obama and Clinton with their politics in the Middle-East created the ISIS – ISIL. So Trump has said many times that he will bomb the sh*t out of ISIS and ISIL and will change his Middle-East politics to help get region stability.

Donald Trump and His White House on many occasions have said that they will not help Iran and Iraq to get nuclear weapons as did ex-President Obama. Trump said that anyone that complies with terrorists is not a friend of the USA and anyone who helps them will be utterly punished.

No one can threaten the United States of America, because we are UNITED. – President Trump

One thought on “Trump: Obama and Clinton made ISIS and I have proof

  • February 24, 2017 at 7:38 am

    Then you better put both of the in prison!! Treason is treason!


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