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A US appeals court has posed tough questions at those challenging and defending President Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban.

The order banned entry for all refugees and visitors from seven mainly Muslim nations, until it was halted last week.

The three-judge panel raised questions over the limits on the president’s power and Mr Trump’s evidence to link the seven countries to terrorism.

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But it also asked whether the measure could be considered anti-Muslim.

A decision from the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals, in San Francisco, is expected later this week. Whatever it decides, the case will probably end up in the Supreme Court.

The executive order came into force on 27 January and caused some confusion at US and foreign airports because people were stopped from boarding planes or prevented from entering the US, and sent home.

There was strong condemnation and it was halted last Friday by a federal judge in Washington state.

As a result, people from the seven countries with valid visas were able to travel to the US again.

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