After a long wait, Apple released redesigned laptops last fall.

Although the laptops were well received, some  users were not fully satisfied — especially with being unable to have a MacBook with 32GB RAM.

Now it looks like Apple will try to right its wrong with the new models expected to launch in 2017.

Here are some of the issues people have complained about and how we believe Apple could fix them:

First we expect Apple to lower their prices, for their specs. PC’s offer better price for specs so Mac’ should lower prices as to specs standards.

Make their next laptop with better performance, better CPU and chips which will make the new Macbook a serious competitor to all PC’s even at an elevated price.

We believe the new MacBook Touch Bar will also feature bigger batteries.

And the mentioned more RAM.

So tell us what you think about Apple’s current line of laptos, and also about the next MacBook Pro.