One of the biggest minds on the earth Elon Musk and his SpaceX are going to make  MISSION TO MARS called Red Dragon  as fast as you thought.

They are also going to get help and support from NASA theirnew institutes will develop materials to allow astronauts to travel lightly on Mars, and biological and microbial technology to make them self-sufficient when they get there.

“We are going to do this togheter,for all of us for humanity taking a big step ” says  Steve Jurczyk

“We were focused on 2018, but we felt like we needed to put more resources and focus more heavily on our crew program and our Falcon Heavy program. So we’re looking more for the 2020 timeframe for that,”said SpaceX president at a recent pre-launch conference

Their test are going pretty well and better than it was expected but they want to be more precise and succesfull with no risk of failture.

Originally, SpaceX’s first foray to Mars, via a lander called Red Dragon, was expected to happen by 2022—which was considered a fairly feasible timeline. However, bolstered by numerous successful launches and Musk’s powerful vision, SpaceX moved their target date up to 2018. Now, a new announcement from SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell confirms that they are changing the timeline yet again. A mission, named Red Dragon, to Mars is now set to launch in 2020

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How Elon Musk says is better to wait to be sure that we are out of risk


Here in short video is how Red Dragon looks like


Short Video about how its going to happen we just can wait

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Musk thinks it’s possible to begin shuttling thousands of people.He says that mars could be home for 1 milion people by 2060 and humans could begin flying to Mars in the mid 2020s

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Whether this story will become a reality ? Will this mission be a successful one ,leave your thought below