“We’re gonna free up our country and it’s gonna be done in very environmental and positive way” – reported Trump

United States rule is one of the worst examples of federal regulation and it has truly run a muck and it’s one of the rules most strongly opposed by farmers,ranchers and agriculture workers all across our land it’s been a disaster president continues.

It’s been a disaster to clean water access that the EPA can regulate navigable water, meaning waters that truly affect interstate commerce but a few years before the EPA have decided that navigable waters can be nearly every puddle or every ditch on a farmer’s land or anyplace else that they decide.

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It was massive grab the EPA’s regulators were putting people out of jobs by the hundreds of thousands and regulation and permit started treating our wonderful small farmers and small businesses of if they worry major industrial polluter they treated them horribly.

if you want to build a new home for example you have to worry about getting hit with a huge fine if you fill in as much as a puddle.

When it was first shown to me i think they were kidding.But they were not

In one case in Wyoming a ranch was fine 37,000 dollars a day by the EPA for digging small watering for his cattle.

I’m directing the EPA to take action paving the way for the elimination of this very destructive and horrible rule.

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While the world is still trying to tell a bad words for the president, he is pushing to much and taking the responsability of being a president.He stays and all of his words and is a politician U.S needed.

A day by day he is showing us hard work and dedication and making America great again.

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