These days all were considering about Trump’s muslim travel ban, but what if our president is right.If you take look year ago Brigitte Gabriel reads the Muslim brotherhood plan for destroying America, we already got them in the White House (the brotherhood wishing to destroy America) in the plan is written :

Understanding the role of the muslim brother in North America that process of settlement is a civilization jihadist process with all the word means the “al’iikhwa”(which is muslim word for brothers) must understand that their work in America is that kind grand of jihad in ELIMINATING and DESTROYING the Western Civilization from within and sabotaging it’s miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated an unlocked religion is made victorious over all other religions

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Last page and most important one of the documents which is listed with 29 Islamic organizations set up in the United States with the specific goal of plan for destroying America says:

1 – ISNA (Islamic Society of North America)  and they’re advisors of the former president Obama about Middle East policy so we have them inside in the White House dictating policy in the ear of the president.

2 – MSA (Muslim Student Association) which have more chapters in American colleges than Democrats and Republicans combined

3- NAIT(North America Islamic Trust)

“Can you see how they set up all the organizations in this plan to destroy America focusing on every sector of our society,focused on publishing,focused on media,focused on education with the strict purpose of doing sabotage to America”

“Beside ISIS there are 50 terrorist organizations operating in America right now and these are the ones we know about what about for the organizations which we dont know yet ? ” -Gabriel adds

Watch the full video of the speech here  and feel free to share your thoughts :

29 Islamic organizations have been set up to sabotage the United States of America from within. Some of the leaders of these organizations WERE in the White House. They were so close to the highest seats of power already.

So now when we saw all these facts of how Muslim brotherhood works and operates in the plan to destroy America (by their own hands as the brotherhood says), should we take a look and think about that president Donald Trump is right.

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Trump stands on his promises that will fight ISIS and all the terrorist organizations getting them out of America, but you just can’t get them so easily when the “network” of such Muslim organization is so large when we already let them (Muslims brotherhood) get even in the White House, working even in our Security.When their network is so big and hard to beat them immediatly president Trump is deporting them, putting ban on islamic countries  Iran , Libya,Somalia,Sudan,Syria and Yemen all Muslim majority countries.

Going piece by piece beating and really fighting the plan they’ve made, keeping America safe.

What Donald Trump has exactly to say about Muslim ban:

“I’ve many friends in the Muslims and they are so happy i did this because they know there is a problem, they say its time somebody has told about radicalism ”

Its temporary solution to stop the terrorism cause we have a real problem i have excellent communication with Muslims at highest level and told me you have our support you do us a favor (2:48 from the interview)

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Is it worse to ban them or is it worse to shoot 40 people and many laying in hospital ? -asked Trump , we have serious problem with radical Islam

  • Is Donald Trump right ?
  • Protect from radical Islam or letting them work on their plan ?


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