“I want to keep my live normal as possible for my son Barron”- said Melania to the interviewer

In much many ways Melania has shown us that they aren’t in good relationship with the president Donald Trump if we start from the behave on the inauguration day to now they don’t seem like President and First Lady, they don’t have good relationship and they have  disagreements, that is something which they both know but why are they together yet?.

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Probably Melania liked a billionaire and her wish came true, now the billionaire is the president so what can you told to billionaire and the most powerful person in the world when you dissagree with him.

As we know Melania doesn’t even live in White House they say that the reason of that is because they’re waiting for their son Barron to finish school and then all came back to the White House, is it really necessery or just Donald don’t want them to make him noise in his workplace while he does his job and serve the country.

Donald don’t agree with Melania in many ways but as he says Melania follows.

If we take back in Melania past we can see who Melania was

A hot news actor which made interest on the billionaire.

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As we saw a day before she was leaving  the press conference when her husband needed to talk, when the officer told her “please take a seat” she responded that he is not interested.How can you not be interested when you are the First Lady and your husband needs to take a speech.The news said Melania is no longer happy with Donald because of his rudness and not paying attention to her enough.

Obviously Trump has much work to do so he doesn’t really time to spend with his family in this critical period as he said.

How Melania left you can see at the end of this video:

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On the question from the reporter what did you saw in Donald when you met him ? – she didn’t respond anything

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An unoffical information say that Melania is going to leave Trump very soon.It’s not the main reason that they have bad relationship and they’ve no time to spend togheter for building relationship but for an offer Melania has accepted .

What kind of offer is about is unknown for know.


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