Due to its almost universally open border, France suffers insanely from multiculturalism. In 2010, 7.2 million foreign-born immigrants lived in France, corresponding to 11.1% of the total population.

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The growth of immigrants is so rapid, it gave rise to the talk about “population replacement” in France.

The descendants of these 11% are born with the right to become French. That also applies to illegal immigrants cause if a woman gives birth in France, their children automatically become French, so the illegals can thus legally stay in France for a period of two years with the option to renew their stay.

This video was filmed on a bus near Montparnasse, Paris. A guy was robbed by a group of four miscreants, including three Arab (muslims?) and one white.

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One of them smokes in the bus, which itself is illegal, but nobody risks confronting the four. The attackers start to go through victim’s pockets and eventually escalate tensions to a point of attack. They call the victim “son of a bitch” (“fils de pute” in French).

You should know that in France, self-defense is often punishable by law. You can go to jail just for having defended yourself with, for example, tear gas.

This kind of event is not rare in France. We often talk about it in the mainstream medias because more than half the cases are committed by these 11.1% of the total population. But if you say it like it is, you are branded a racist.\

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