A former white house adviser makes a statement that Obama was being controlled by others inside his government and people with “deep” pockets.

The truth behind the Obama Presidency is coming out, said President Trump the moment he took office. Now more and more people are starting to talk about their time as white house officials.

Many have said that the Obama presidency was full with illegal or immoral things, done mostly by forces who were not even a part of the Administration.

Some names include top CEO’s and Former Secretaries, but the name that keeps poping up is Secretary Hillary Clinton.

Secretary Clinton is connected to almost all of the conspiracies and illegal things that the Obama Administration did.

Now President Trump promised to give full inside to what was done in the Oval over the last 8 years. He started with the most filthy thing that Obama did under the order of some big Wall Street names and Secretary Clinton and that was – Bugging and Wiretapping the Trump Tower in New York during the elections.

In a full interview Steve Bannon – White House chief strategist and closest adviser to Trump said that Obama did things that can lock him up for infinity, or the words he used “throw away the key”.