Opportunity for Obama to become president again.This time of France.

In just couple of months French voters will go to the polls to elect their next president,with the onetime conservative front-runner François Fillon deeply wounded by a corruption.In face of all of this French voters are hoping for another candidate who can clean up the mess.

Who is he ? – The former president of the United States Barack Obama

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Posters with slogan “OBAMA17 ” Oui on peut (yes we can) have been plastered all around Paris.

Page http://www.obama2017.fr/ (page for petition for Obama) is urging French voters to write a petition promising to vote for Barack Obama should enter the French race.

Obama would be a good president for France  as he has “the best  in the world for the job.” But France’s own domestic political concerns also appeared to be a big issue in the campaign. “At a time when France is about to vote massively for the far right, we can give a lesson in democracy to the planet by electing a foreigner and former American president as French president,” the website reads.

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However, Obama’s chances at winning the French election may be slim. But polls suggest he is viewed positivley and loved  in France.

Additionally, the former U.S. president does not speak French, though his wife, Michelle, has studied the language.

In 2012, Bill Clinton suggested that he might be able to run for election in two foreign countries: Ireland, because of his Irish family heritage, and France, because he was born in Arkansas, which is part of the Louisiana Purchase, which meant he could immediately apply for naturalization.Could now Barack “stole” the Clinton’s suggestion,can he really candidate for president of France.

“It could make people think differently in politics and think about it ” -said the creator of NPR(french website for petition to candidate Obama)

By Pew Global Reasearch poll 84 % of French believe that Obama would do the right thing in global affairs

Organizers of Obama17 admitted that its joke, but with serious purpose.They’re aiming to get 1 million people to sign the petition.

According to the NPR(npr.org site for petition for Obama) they’ve already collected 30,000 signatures and they’re hoping of getting much more.

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  • Could France change the politic view ?
  • Can former president of the USA became a new president of France ?
  • Would French people believe in foreign person (Obama) will do his best for their Country?
  • Will Obama accept the challenge (if the petiton go really well) to became the next president of France ?

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