Former president Obama’s daughter Malia Obama has delivered a crushing blow to her parents.

She leaves her college education and the internship with the Spanish Ambassador to be able to raise her kid.

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That’s right. The young Obama has decided to go the way of so many different  liberal girls and gotten herself pregnant.

There haven’t been any kind of talk for the wedding for now,but who is the father of the baby?

There has been a talk of who is responsible. The list of suspected  daddies includes Leopold David’s illegitimate child Mayer,” Souldja Boy”, and “Shifty D”

Former First Lady Michelle Obama, tried to convince her girl to abort the child , has vowed to be the world’s greatest gammy and once more insisted that she doesn’t want to run for President in 2020. Most of the liberal political world has been silent about the news.

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Most of the liberal political world has been silent about the news, hoping the news are not correct because political points would be lost.

Obamas weren’t go out to the TV yet to tell what really happened and are the news about their daughter correct, or they just don’t like to  talk about it.


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Bristol could be a sweet young girl who made a mistake or 3. Malia Obama is a pothead. you decide who’s the better qualified to raise a baby.

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