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In Falcon Heights, Minnesota, police shot a driver after puling him over in a traffic stop, and then let him bleed to death. His girlfriend, who was on the passenger seat, live streamed the last moments of his life on Facebook.

The woman, who according to her Facebook profile is named Lavish Reynolds, narrates what transpired, as she shows her boyfriend helplessly dying in the driver’s seat.

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In her narration, she says the couple (presumably with a child) got pulled over for a busted tail light. She then explains that the cops shot him as he was trying to reach for his wallet, following the cop’s request to provide ID. The woman also states that her man – Philando Castile – had a firearm he was licensed to carry. She remains well composed despite losing a loved one before her own eyes.

The cops however continue to play the charade even when it’s clear they shot someone without justification. The woman is not a threat and cooperates, yet they still insist she walk around with her hands up while they have three cops pointing guns at her as they put her in handcuffs.

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This comes to show that when you live in a police state, whether you comply with police requests or nor, you’re still dead. Regardless of what the bootlickers say. And the cops will watch you bleed out, and if anyone who tries to help you, they will be at best charged with interfering, or shot and left to bleed out themselves.

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