Many conspiracy theorists think that Trump bought his way into The White House

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Political experts think that Hillary Clinton may have lost because of the independent votes that Bernie Sanders took away from her. Those votes should have gone to Clinton in a normal election, but in a election that looked more like theater everything is possible. Sanders took away several million votes away from the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton still blames him for that.

But did he took away those votes on his own will or he had a money motive?

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Some reporters are talking that Sanders did in fact took some sort of payment from President Trump and practically gave him the Oval Office.

But is that true?

  • Sanders has denied the accusations from day one and to this day still denies them, but some facts tell that that may not be the whole truth.

Now Bernie Sanders is the face of the country. Behind Trump and Pence he may be the most powerful person in the US, not by position but by “respect”. Sanders led his campaign as a revolution and won over a lot of Democrats. Unlike Clinton he did not take one dollar from big wall street names like Goldman Sachs and George Soros.

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Now Sanders is the new face of a party “without” a leader, a party which had absolute power for over 10 years the big and influential Democratic Party.

The question remains, is it possible for Trump and Sanders to have made a pact after Hillary threw Bernie “under the bus”. As goes in Latin “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

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